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Steve  Kaufman

Steve Kaufman

Steve Kaufman Biography

Steve Kaufman (1960-2010) was a former assistant to the renowned Pop Artist Andy Warhol.  Steve Kaufman, a.k.a. SAK, is considered one of the most important and talked-about Pop artists of our time.

The impact of celebrity on contemporary culture intrigued Kaufman.  Famed faces of art, music and film are often the subject of his artwork.  Kaufman sought to discover society's common denominators in his artwork--the elements and individuals who generate an immediate response from the viewer.  Kaufman was an artistic journalist commenting on history, both past and present.  His dynamic style often combines images of the world's icons with visual tapestries woven out of landmarks or other related references to their celebrity.

Steve Kaufman delivered his perspectives in highly refined, fine art serigraphs, allowing for greater fluidity and definition in his images.  Kaufman returned to each silk-screened canvas to add painted embellishments, making each serigraph in the edition a unique work of art.

Steve Kaufman always reflected his concern for the world around him in his work, benefitting such causes as AIDS, gang violence and homelessness.  Instead of hiring actors or other illuminati as Warhol did, Kaufman hired gang members from the streets of LA to work in his studio as assistants.

Steve Kaufman suffered a fatal heart attack in Vail, Colorado on February 12, 2010, as he prepared for an art show.

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