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Michael  Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Biography

Born in Manchester, England, in 1962, Michael Jackson was raised in a working class family. Although he was passionate about art from a very young age, he was encouraged to pursue a “stable” career and forwent any formal art training. Jackson was a butcher for many years and later tried various other careers, but eventually he was able to unite his passion and his career and he became a graphic designer. Using his Apple computer, Jackson bought numerous computer graphic programmes and taught himself the skills of a graphic designer; it was not long before he was welcomed in the commercial art world, were he worked for over a decade.

Jackson used this career to fund his personal painting endeavors. He spent a great deal of his free time refining his illustration skills and experimenting with various media. He became a successful watercolor painter and eventually excelled with acrylic paints. Jackson quickly became popular outside of his small circle and it was not long before his work was selling in galleries, and limited edition fine art prints were made of his paintings. Currently, Jackson lives with his wife in Somerset, where the colors, sounds, and ambiance of the country free up his mind and trigger his artistic senses. He continues to attract the attention of art enthusiasts and devoted fans as he sells his world-renowned work in England and abroad, and although the road has been difficult, he has found it immensely rewarding. As Jackson explains, “I have no formal training in art, so I have had to learn by my own mistakes, yet I would have it no other way, as I feel that this is the best way of developing your own technique.”

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