Hans Belin

Hans  Belin

Hans Belin

Hans Belin Biography

Hans Belin 1936-2007. He grew up in Västerås and began early to draw and paint. His searched through to artistic circles in Stockholm in the late 1950s. In his paintings is his one romantic - the pictures speak of the love of life and nature. Often the paintings border between multiple dimensions of existence. In the 1970s, the family moved to Gotland. Today he lives and creates family at Garden of artists in Ala. For oil paintings carves even His Belin their own frames.

The art critic Torvald Maple Falk wrote in one of his reviews: ... "We all know Einar Jolin and Nils Dardel as elegant naïve school in the Swedish 1900s art., I can without any difficulty imagine His Belin as the third artist in the gang" ...

The author Lars Widding wrote in the preface to one of his Belins exhibitions:

... "There's always something lovely on His Belins painting, whether he portrays a small-town panorama or studying flowers and leaves to the accompaniment of sweet birdsong. Yet the reality do not look this way No, it's true. But it should - Right? And it might also make it to the end - somewhere in our hearts! "

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