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Marcel  Mouly

Marcel Mouly

Marcel Mouly Biography

Mouly was born in Paris France on February 6, 1918. At age 13 he left school to work, first as a beach vendor, then as a dental technician and cellar man before pursuing a career of painting.

In 1935, while still employed by the wine merchant, Mouly began taking night classes in the arts at the Cours Montparnasse 80, where he remained until his military duty. Mouly's style was influenced by the deep, bold colors typically used in Matisse's fauvist works, and by the cubism of Picasso. In 1943, he made friends with Pignon and was given his first exhibition of two paintings at the Salon d'Automne in Paris. He befriended Jacques Lipchitz and was influenced by his work on cubism. Beginning in the mid-1950s, Mouly created many lithographs.

Mouly was befriended by the great sculptor Jacgue Lipchitz who became his mentor and and an influence on his art through his approach to cubism.

Marcel Mouly's work has been exhibited all over the world, including in the permanent collections of more than 20 museums, expressing cubism He has also been the subject of numerous books on cubism and recognized by such honors as the Chevalier de L'Orde des arts et Lettres and the Premier Prix de Lithographie.

Though Marcel Mouly died on January 7, 2008, weeks shy of his 90th birthday, his art and his legacy live on. "His art is pure and direct in its message," art historian and writer Joseph Jacobs said, "it is an art about beauty and life, an art roots firmly planted in the School of Paris, Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Roault, Vlaminck, Chagall, Vuillard and Dufy are his patrimony, and he has carried their mantel with unflagging dedication." At his death in 2008, he was the last living protégé of Picasso.

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