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Lawrence  Coulson

Lawrence Coulson

Lawrence Coulson Biography

Lawrence Coulson grew up surrounded by his famous father’s evocative paintings. The artist had a great love and enthusiasm for cars and would often draw his favourite models repetitively on pieces of paper gleaned from his supportive father. Unbelievably, his early love of all things artistic only earned him a D grade in the subject at school. Business called as it always does to school leavers and Lawrence went into retailing and worked his way to the top of a local family firm as the sales and marketing manager.

It was during this time that his father once again encouraged him to pursue his artistic talent by suggesting that he should try painting and in his professional opinion the paintings that followed were very encouraging.

Several paintings and a months later the artist was given the opportunity to display some of his work in a local pub in Cambridge – no more than a week later he had sold his first painting for £30.00. His painting continued throughout the eighties during any spare time that was available and gradually built up a good reputation with the galleries in his local area who were starting to sell more and more of his work.

His “big break” came in the mid-nineties when a friend suggested he display his work at the restaurant he owned on a commission-free basis. A private exhibition was held soon afterwards and many of his paintings were bought by galleries and art collectors alike.

Over the next year, Lawrence Coulson was under pressure to work harder than ever before, using up every minute of his spare time to keep up with demand while still working his full-time job as manager. It was only at the point of complete exhaustion that he realised that a choice between the two careers had to be chosen.

Independence Day, 1997 he officially declared himself an artist. With galleries selling out and public interest forever rising, one could say that this artist has gone from strength to strength defying so-called academic odds and proving himself as a professional.

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